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Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover


Keeping your car clean when traveling with dogs is easy

Take your four-legged friend with you

Enjoy a clean back seat

Forget about dirt, dog hair, sand, and dust in your car after traveling with your pet friend.

Easy to clean

Quickly remove dirt, dust, and liquids with a damp cloth, and get rid of pet hair with a vacuum cleaner.

Damage-proof materials

A six-layer build is waterproof and plastic-thickened sidewalls protect against teeth and claws.


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Dog Bed to Ensure Your Pet Is Comfortable and Happy


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Dog Hoodie for your Canine Companion


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Goggles For the Protection of Your Pets Eyes


Goggles for your Canine Companion

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Dual Rope Leash with Light Retractable


Dual Line Dog Leash with Built-In Light





Due to high demand, shipping may take 1 – 3 weeks

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